Friday, February 13, 2009

"Private Practice" is put to shame!

Hey friends-
You'll notice in my post on ABC's Private Practice I didn't talk much about the show. Really I talked about myself. (Cause it's my blog and I can if I want to!) Anyway, Katherine Stone had a lot of BAD things to say about the show. I second her in absolutely every way. Read her post. The organization she works for, Postpartum Support International, was livid with how they were duped by ABC. Ms. Stone has asked that we PULL THE PLUG ON ABC's PRIVATE PRACTICE. As in quit watching--which shouldn't be hard to do because the show stinks anyway. I don't care how hot you think Tay Diggs is or that it's a soothing follow up to the drama of Gray's Anatomy. Turn it off. You'll be making a statement that will bless the lives of women every where because you'll be standing up for them--especially for the ones who can't stand up for themselves.

And, um, yeah, Amy Brenneman's character is the WORST therapist EVER. If I met her in real life I'd swat her with a rolled up magazine.

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Jer said...

I'll make a mental note never to watch the show. The Office and 30 Rock are way better in my opinion, anyway.

Thanks for both posts today, Laura. I have enjoyed reading them and thought about them all morning.