Friday, March 27, 2009

Something to Consider

Hi guys,

Thanks to a snow day yesterday and some other writing projects that have required my attention, I don't have an official post for today! I figure that's all right, though, since my numbers have been dropping pretty consistently for a couple months now. Anyone who is still reading must really love me! *wink*

Katie posted a beautiful post today, Thoughts on Doubt and Love. The idea that Christ is there for the weak and unsure is the thing that keeps me going some days. We all have challenges in our lives and Christ expects us to struggle with them. That's why He gave His life for us. I think as LDS, in all our somewhat-faulty striving for perfection, we forget this. Thanks for the reminder Katie!


Heathie said...

I'm still reading! But I probably don't show up on your tracker because I read your blog through google reader. And I do love you!

Lacey said...

I'm also here. I don't often comment but I really enjoy your posts and the thought and effort you put into them. You're just so great. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I generally just lurk. I, too, am depressed, but not unhappy. I am a Mormon grandma, who looks all together to others around me, but whose depression is in stealth mode -- not because I'm keeping it a secret, but because I'm not at the best place for sharing my difficulties right now. You are an inspiration to me to keep on keeping on.--Norma