Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Good Days

Today is May 1st and it is snowing. Big soapsud flakes falling from dense, gray clouds are covering my newly greened grass. In our morning family prayer I thanked the Lord for the snow because it would make our spring plants prettier--there IS a method to this elemental madness.

I feel like I blog a lot about the bad days (and if you want more bad days read here. That feels good. You know, getting the feelings out of my head makes them less overwhelming. And the process of articulation always facilitates revelation, so that's worthwhile. But, on some bad days, what helps is to remember the good days. So that's what I'm going to try to do today. If the bad days feel like never-ending roller coasters and deep pits of angry water, what do the good days feel like?

The good days are like cotton candy: light and colorful and sweet. The good feelings dissolve through my body like sugar on the tongue.

The good days make me feel like a kid tucked into my mom's bed: everthing is so big and comfy that I never want to get out. It's almost like magic because I can jump and roll and even do sommersaults and still be surrounded by softness.

The good days are like a good book: I get absolutely lost in it and when it's over I wish it wasn't. It leaves me wanting more.

The good days are like my children's laughter: spontaneous, infectious, and sometimes gone too soon.

The good days are like sunshine: they make everything clearer and brighter. So many things look better by daylight.

So tell me what are your good days like?


Jer said...

I'll be the first to chime in. A good day is a steamer with irish cream syrup (all legal in mormonland--even though it sounds like there's coffee and alcohol, there's not!) Mmmmm...great day!

Charlotte said...

My good days are when I can collapse into bed feeling like I've spent every last bit of energy... on worthwhile things! Good days are my skin still tingling from hours in the sunshine (with sunscreen of course). Good days are a sore stomach and cheeks from laughing so hard with friends.

Heathie said...

A good day is a clean house (or at least a clean kitchen; toys laying around don't bother me so much) and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
A good day is boys giggling and telling each other, "Good job! Now it's my turn! Okay, now it's your turn again!"
Today was a good day (even with the Vaseline incident)!