Monday, April 6, 2009

Mirthful Monday--poetry style

Hi friends!

For those of you who don't know, April is National Poetry Month and I am SUPER excited. I decided for today's Mirthful Monday it would be fun to examine a couple poems. The first is a riddle poem (kind of an easy one) by May Swenson:


My body a rounded stone
with a pattern of smooth seams.
My head a short snake,
retractive, projective.
My legs come out of their sleeves
or shrink within,
and so does my chin.
My eyelids are quick clamps.

My back is my roof.
I am always at home.
I travel where my house walks.
It is a smooth stone.
It floats within the lake,
or rests in the dust.
My flesh lives tenderly
inside its bone.

(for more of May Swenson's riddle poems check out this book, The Complete Poems to Solve.)

The next poem is just silliness. It's from Shel Siverstein's (I believe)posthumous collection, Runny Babbit. In the introduction to the book Silverstein lets us know:

Way down in the green woods
Where the animals all play,
The do things and they say things
In a different sort of way--
Instead of saying' "puprple hat,"
They all say "hurple pat."

Keeping that in mind, here's one particularly silly poem--oh, but like all good poetry, it must be read aloud! Enjoy :)


Runny Babbit mot all guddy
Makin' puddy mies.
His wamma mashed him with the clothes
And hung him out to dry.
Toe Jurtle said, "What are you doin'
So high agrove the bound?"
Runny Babbit sinned and graid,
"Oh, I'm just rangin' hound."

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