Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun Summer Stuff

Hi friends!

So this summer I have a number of things I'm looking forward to, but there are two that I promised to blog about so here they are:

Normally I don't get excited about family history. It just seems like one more thing to do and just the thought of scouring the internet for all those names and dates makes my wrists ache. I really, really haven't caught the vision--except for when it comes to the lifewriting aspects family history. I firmly believe that every single person on the planet should create some sort of writing about their life. It will bless their children, it will bless their grandchildren, and the individuals will themselves be blessed by the act of writing. That's why I'm excited about the Colorado Family History Expo. Not only are they holding classes about how to use Google (that's for the old people), but they are also offering a number of classes about writing. My inner artist is looking forward to the down-to-earth info these types of events offer. Any of you readers living in Colorado should really consider coming. Or, if you live in Wyoming or in Salt Lake city they have options for you too!

I didn't participate in LDSPublisher's contest last summer and I regretted it. Thankfully, she's doing it again this year. I know a few of my readers are already heavily invested in LDS writing, but I also know more than a few of my readers think most LDS fiction is poorly written, soporific, romantic garbage. That is not true. There are a lot of quality LDS/Mormon fiction titles out there and this is a great opportunity to read some--and maybe even win something!
I've also vowed to read a little less this summer and write a little more (I've read 45 books already this year!)so I'm keeping my list modest.

Books on hold at the library: Lately I have only wanted to read books that have no bearing on real life. In keeping with that I've on the list for Shannon Hale's River Secrets and Austenland and Jessica Day George's Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow. I also want to borrow George's Dragon Slippers sequels from a friend.

Books coming through inter-library loan: The Conversion of Jeff Williams by Doug Thayer and Long After Dark by Robert Todd Petersen. I've been meaning to ILL that last one for a loooong time; it's award winning! I also requested Abinadi by H.B. Moore but because it's a new book the library would have to buy it and I won't know about that one for awhile. (If any of my friends want to buy this and lend it to me, I would love them forever! I'd even make them dessert!)

Other books: Dorian by Nephi Andersen is online in it's entirety for free. I'll probably start with this title. I also want to reread The Earthkeepers by Marilyn Brown. Oh, and I have a bunch of books from my dad's Mormon literature class at BYU--Under the Cottonwoods by Doug Thayer, Frost in the Orchard and The Rummage Sale by Donald Marshall, and an anthology called 22 Young Mormon Writers that was published in 1975.

I'm not sure I'll get to all these books but I know I'll enjoy the ones I do get to. How about the rest of you? If I promise to post on Dorian next week will you try to read it by then?

Happy Summer Reading!


Jer said...

Hey Laura, I have River Secrets and Austenland if you want to borrow them. :)

LDS_Publisher said...

Thanks for joining the Summer Reading Thing. Looks like you've got some good ones on your list.

Th. said...


Such a cheerful new color!

I can't recommend Long After Dark or Dorian enough. And you have to report on that anthology --- maybe a Where Are They Now? post for AMV?