Friday, April 15, 2011

Depression Introspection and the Dark Passenger

Hi all,

A depressed gal named Kass has a blog called Depression Introspection. It is a great resource from an experienced and articulate woman. Today's post, My Dark Passenger, is all about that crazy voice that interrupts your life in order to make you feel bad. We all know that voice. On our good days it's the annoying little mosquito buzz in the back of your head that spouts crazy-talk. On our bad days it's the overwhelming voice of conviction that stymies us and worries us and encourages us to do things we would never normally do. If you're already having a bad day, today might not be the day to read her post, but if you need to know you aren't alone go check it out!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love! I appreciated your comment reminding me to talk back to the negative voice. Sometimes it can be so loud and overwhelming!

I'll be adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for stopping by. :)