Monday, January 23, 2012

Mirthful Monday: Mormon Swear!

This video was pretty funny. I don't do much Mormon swear (I'm of the opinion that you might as well say the real word or avoid the sentiment altogether), but I am guilty of an impassioned "Holy Buckets!"--which is about as Mormon as it gets. And I should probably admit that I am guilty of the occasional cuss, but don't tell my mother because I really don't want to get my mouth washed out with soap. Again.


Anyway, on to the funny:

Happy Monday!



Stephlee1227 said...

That's so funny! LOL!! I do say the occasional swear but I am guilty of the mormon swear too! Although, I used thsoe expressions well before I was a mormon. My favorite tends to be "son of a biscut eater" and "fudge popsicles". But I do say heck and shoot as well. I have also been none to to say "What the H-E- double hockey sticks".

Kelly said...

I do wonder about the dagnabbit and dadgum that my kids hear Mater say all the time from Cars. They don't get it, but I do. [worries the mother who can say fetch and flip with the best of them]

Julia K Burzon said...

Loved this video and shared it via FB. My husband says some of these, although we are not LDS. I just started a blog myself about my experiences with motherhood and depression and anxiety. I'd love any feedback you might have!


Laura said...

Stephlee1227 and Kelly, glad you liked the Mirthful Monday :)

Julia, welcome to my blog and I will definitely check you out!

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