Monday, October 8, 2012

The BIG CHANGES for Mormon Women . . .and a little Mirthful Monday

Hi all :)

I got invited to participate in a group blog about Mormon spirituality. It's called Into the Hills and it focuses on Mormon spirituality at different phases (i.e. Mormons who are happy with their religion, Mormons who are still members but have questions, and Mormons who in their "post-Mormon" phase of life).

I have my first post up over there today and it is all about the BIG CHANGES for Mormon Women. You know, the fact that the Church changed it's policy and said women can serve missions at 19 now? (Oh, it also said that boys can serve at 18, but that seems to be not quite so big a deal in the Bloggernacle. . .) Anyway, head on over and check out the new blog :)


Have a great day :)


p.s. Since it's Monday I'm sure you could all use a little mirth so here it is. Brought to you by the awesomeness that is Mormon Probs (follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook; there, now they can't get mad at me for using their pic!):


Michael Campbell said...

Well, I wasn't sure how to contact you, so I thought this would be an ok way. I, too, am depressed and LDS and I LOVE your blog! I was looking for help because although the church is the best place to be depressed, up here at BYUI, 99% of people seem like the happiest people to ever walk the earth. It was really hard being surrounded by such a happy people. And so for a Web Design and Development class, I'm making a website for a project (its a small project and a silly website) called "Surrounded by a Happy People: Depressed and LDS". I need to link up to other websites, and I was wondering if I could put a link for your blog on my website. Since it's a short term project (for all I know right now, I intend to start a blog, too) I'm not going to ask you to advertise for me. Don't expect a spike in your popularity, this is a small thing that probably only 5 people will see, and one of them is my mom.

Laura said...

Michael, feel free to link to me--that's what the Internet is all about!

As for traffic, I don't really worry about it. It seems like the people who need to find my blog are able to.

And as for BYUI, well, some of them are probably mindlessly happy, some of them are faking, and a lot of them are somewhere in between. Hang in there and keep the faith! God is with you in your struggles and is lightening your load.

ian said...

I am planning on starting a blog for members that deals with depression. I like your blog but do you have any advice?

kirito07 said...

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Ian said...


I just read you blog linked to this post. I am 29 and if had a chance to go on a mission when I was 18. I think my whole life would be different. I think I would have never went inactive. I would have have grown up and maybe have degree. Instead. I left every thing I know. My family and the Church. Now I am active again and married to a non member. Life has it course. God knows all our choices we make I believe. He is Alfa and Omega. We just have to have hope. When you have time look up Jer. 17:7. It is great. I think so. We have to have trust in the Lord that has a plan for us. When we die he will reveal all to us. That is one thing I cant wait hear. So I can stop asking why.

Unknown said...

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Finding Freckles said...

Michael Campbell. I am curious about the website you mentioned "Surrounded by a Happy People: Depressed and LDS". I would love for you to visit my blog and send me anemail. I would like to learn more. Thank you! Kandee

Finding Freckles said...

I wanted to say Hi and invite you to check out my blog. I owned an independent bookstore and love what you are doing to promote good books. I like the way you are talking about depression and would enjoy being part of the conversation. Thank you! Kandee

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