Monday, November 10, 2008

Sometimes we all need a reality check

So, here's the funniest one I've come across in a long time! Enjoy! (Oh, and I'll send you a quarter if you can tell me which actor was formerly on So You Think You Can Dance. Okay, not really, but maybe if you look under your couch or in your car or something you can find yourself a quarter and buy a gumball. That'll make you happy ;)

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p.s. Sorry for the dumb "scanscout" popup. You just have to keep closing it.


Kelly said...

Ok, I love that one of their symptoms of depression is simply, "Are you 36?"

Cuz I am!
Funny, this one!!!

Charlotte said...

Love it!! That's hilarious:) "Does staring out a window make you freeze"???

Heathie said...

Hilarious! I connected with the guy cooking the egg. I hate it when I flip the egg too early and it jumps out of the pan.

Elizabeth-W said...

The guy in the grocery store who can't decide what to buy---he's wearing a granny kitty sweatshirt.
I am sending this to everyone at my office!!! LOVE IT!
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Corey Moser said...

Classic! I guess I qualify with more than one symptom. Right now....surfing the internet.