Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Good Idea from my Therapist

I saw my therapist today and told her about the roadblocks I'd encountered in trying to find a psychiatrist. She suggested I leave a message saying I didn't necessarily want to be a new patient but I was wondering if I could have one appointment to ask them a couple questions about my antidepressant and pregnancy. (Quick clarifying note: I am not at this time pregnant. Husband and I are still discussing the possibility. A commenter said they thought I was but I am not.)

I'm going to try it. I don't know that it will work, but I figure it's worth a shot!

P.S. J is doing better. I've been talking to him about his sleep in a very straightforward and adult manner; I've told him what I will accept and what I won't accept. He's been sleeping all night in his crib! He still wakes up every now and again, but no longer insists on sleeping with me. I'd like to credit my parenting skills (ha!) but I'm pretty sure the improvement is due to the fact that he is now recovering from his cold. Actually, it's probably all your prayers! Thanks guys! I now have hope!


TJ said...

I'm glad things are looking up! Keep up the loving parenting.

Heathie said...

I'm glad J is doing better! I love the way you talk to your kids; they're so smart and they know what's what.
(speaking of pregnancy: my word verification is "storks." just thought that was funny--and has nothing to do with me!)

Elizabeth-W said...

Maybe see if even you could set up a time to talk on the phone for a few minutes? I'd hate for them to charge you the co-pay.