Monday, August 3, 2009

Mirthful Monday: "Scrubs--The Musical"

So I caught this episode of Scrubs as a rerun the other night and laughed until I cried. I hope it does the same for you :)

Here's my favorite number (my life as a mommy SO feels like this sometimes!):

For more fun, check out "Guy Love".

Happy Monday!


Tyler said...

Definitely a classic episode. And "Guy Love" just cracks me up.

Aside: My wife and I got hooked on the show a couple of years ago and, when we got tired of sitting through commercials during our rerun watching time, we bought all the seasons on DVD (there are seven out now, though season seven's only half a season: stupid writers' strike). A very funny show.

m said...


Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

"Guy Love" is our house theme song.

Love this show!

Kaylanamars said...

I watched this one awhile ago and found it just hilarious as you! Thanks for sharing again!

Little Lovables said...

oh my gosh, soooo funy!