Thursday, January 14, 2010

I.O.U.S.A. : Best Movie I've Seen in a Loooong Time

Dear Readers,

Please don't get all riled up because I'm NOT going all political on y'all even though I'm making a statement: the national debt is a problem. A big problem and a problem we can do something about. Watch this movie. It's only a half an hour. It's interesting. It's funny. And you'll be smarter when you're done. And maybe, just maybe, things will change.




Misty Lynne said...

Interesting. Scary too. It was nice to have the graphics. This topic is a lot harder to understand without them. I didn't really catch them giving any solutions though, just doom and gloom. I'd be interested in knowing what they think can help.

yardsnacker said...

Ah the Fed....drives me crazy how regular people are to blame for what those in power do. Nice blog! Just surfing in from the internet!