Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mirthful Monday--music video style

Reminiscence from my childhood: My parents blocked MTV and VH1 from our house. In uber-Mormon land (and in over-achieving parent land, I might add), all TV is bad--cable channels are the worst. My brother (Hi TJ!), being a budding techno-genius, figured out how to work it so we got those channels through the VCR. He and my sister watched grainy, bootleg videos every afternoon all the while exulting in the fact that they were doing something sneaky. I was the youngest and, ahem, a nark, so I told on them--a fact which no one in my family has EVER let go of. My parents called the cable company and they sent a guy who snipped the literal-under-the-ground cable and the sinful, albeit sometimes soulful, channels were gone. So we all started sneaky around so we could watch Comedy Central.

The point: I don't get music videos. Now that I'm an old, over-sensitive mommy I can't figure out why anyone, anywhere would want to watch music videos. They are dirty. They are random. And they inspire weirdo rappers/singer dudes to interrupt lovely young country starlets who are getting awards they may or may not deserve (which is entirely beside the point, Kanye!).

Anyway, I finally found a video I get. Sort of. Well, okay, I don't get it. But at least it's funny!! Happy Monday!


Charlotte said...

I am laughing and I haven't even watched the vid yet! Ah we had good times growing up:) I wonder what it says about me that to this day, as a grown adult, I still have a weakness for MTV (not that they ever show music videos now mind you)?

Tyler said...

Hi. Larious. And so wonderfully postmodern. Thanks for the laugh!

Kelly said...

Ahhh -- see you grew up ten years too late! When music videos took the 80s by storm, I was in the thick of it. Some of them were really cool. As much as I didn't like Michael Jackson songs (he sounded like a girl), his videos were amazing to watch. The dancing/choreography was phenomenal.

One of my favorite videos was "Take On Me" by Aha. It was mostly hand-drawn comic book style. Let's say I was taken in my the amazing craftsmanship.

And the choreography for Madonna's "Material Girl" video was stolen straight from an old Marilyn Monroe film, where Marilyn sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." I can't help but think that spoofing Marilyn Monroe is what made Madonna's career.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Weird Al Yankovic's videos, making fun of all of the Michael Jackson and Madonna videos. Classic stuff!

Katie L said...

That video is completely BRILLIANT! :) And you know, I watched music videos as a kid...and I still don't get 'em.