Monday, September 14, 2009

Mirthful Monday: Where NOT to get your political views

There's been an awful lot of political chatter these days and it's making me nuts. Not because I agree or disagree, but because so much of it is the product of ridiculous, knee-jerk, reactionary thinking. To set the record straight: I won't judge you based on what you think about health care and insurance, President Obama's speech to school kids, or even if you think Obama is an antichrist. All I care about is whether or not you are well informed. So today I'm going to suggest a few places to NOT get your political eduction.

#1 Bumper Stickers

#2 T-shirts

#3 Taco joints in Pocatello, Idaho (really!)

So if we can't rely on pithy, inflammatory statements and graphics what are we to do? Maybe we should all start trying this:

Happy Monday!


Laura said...

This was supposed to go up Monday, but didn't. So here's to a happy Wednesday!

Elizabeth-W said...

Love it!!

Elizabeth-W said...

I'm sorry about my KFC bucket. A friend messed with my profile and she hasn't fixed it yet :)

Loretta said...

Great Post.. Keep it up.. mom's in the bizymoms Pocatello community will love to read blog. please consider network with them