Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Days Just Keep Getting Longer (the 7-year-old learns to play pranks)

Okay, so my kids are on summer vacation. This is great. I love my kids. We are having a lot of fun.

Except when we aren't.

Commiserate with me, please!

Princess N, who is almost 8, has decided that pranks are super fun and tries to pull them on as many people as possible as often as possible. For example, tonight the DH found the ice cream scooper frozen in the middle of the ice cream bucket.

It was the prank she pulled on me that was a doozy, though. I asked her gather up her laundry so we could put it in the wash (This summer, I'm working on training the kids to do simple chores around the house. This story is indicative of how well it is going.) Well she decided it would be super funny to play a prank on me by wrapping up non-clothing items in her clothing items. I found the headband and the Hot Wheels cars. I even found the feather. What I did not find? A diaper. Thankfully it was a clean one, but yes, my just-reaching-the-age-of-accountability oldest child put a diaper in the wash.

Yes, it exploded.
Yes, there are little absorbency crystals stuck to all the clothes and every little corner and crevice of my washer.
Yes, it's a huge mess.
Yes, she is currently picking every last crystal out of that load of laundry.

I used to look forward to the days getting longer and longer during the summer. But over the last week, can I just say, bedtime can't come soon enough.

I'm pretty sure this is one of those stories that I'll look back and laugh on. But not tonight.

Grrrrr. . . .


Kelly said...

Maybe you could penny-lock her into her room for a while....
Just kidding, of course. One year for April Fools Day when my husband was a child, he and his sister took vanilla ice cream and melted it. They poured out all of the milk, and funneled the melted ice cream into the milk container. Their dad had it in his cereal the next morning.

Not as bad as diapers in the laundry, of course, but perhaps normal for children.

Kelly said...

Or you could TP her room.

Sarah said...

oh goodness! Pranks, huh? Can't wait for that phase, NOT! You have my sympathy with the diaper in the wash. Thanks for a good chuckle.

Charlotte said...

Okay this made me laugh out loud. I totally empathize with the bedtime-can't-come-soon-enough feelings (boy can I) but I love N's spunk.